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  2. The charm of the Yamanoren

The charm of the Yamanoren

Sechibaru Town, Sasebo City belongs to Kitamatsuura Peninsula area Kenhoku, Nagasaki Prefecture, and is adjacent to Imari City, Saga Prefecture in Imari City, Saga Prefecture Matsura City in the north, and is the prefecture's longest longest source from Mt Kunimi (the altitude 777 m) Upon Saza River headwaters of the stream (total length of about 13km), altitude 150m in the city, Yamanoren is located at an altitude of 350m.
Yamanoren foot area where there is a Yamanoren is designated as a prefectural natural park, and it is the best place for bird watching and insect collection. Sechibaru Tea, bred by deep fog and clear air and clean country water, is a delicious tea balanced between umami and astringency, rare green tea nationally rare, although its production volume is low, I always won the top prize at the meeting.
Yamanoren, the east side of the town, because it is located along the valley of Saza River, we will be closing in on those who see the lush mountain facing the building.

Yamanoren is built on the concept of the fusion of nature and the near future sum by the comprehensive production of the world-famous architect "Mr Kisho Kurokawa", and has a large roof with a gentle curve that blends in with the mountains, Not only the observation terrace, but also the open-air bath, the large public bath, and the rooms are designed to enjoy magnificent views.
In addition, concrete and warm wood are in harmony, and in a relaxing facility, Mr Kisho Kurokawa unique design has been given everywhere, making it a high artistic building.
  • The charm of the Yamanoren

    Tenku-no-yado that lives in the mountains
    Space of sophistication in harmony with nature
    Please have a relaxing time
    • Landscape from the view terrace

    • A view of the mountains facing from the main entrance

    • Natural hot spring "Kunimi-no-yu" is beautiful skin water

      The natural hot spring is a sodium - Hydrogen carbonate spring, it is effective for fatigue recovery and health promotion, and it is hot water of the skin which warms from the core of the body.
      Outdoor baths can enjoy green lush landscapes such as mountains and rice terraces.It is a moment that the evening, the starry sky, and the expression of the sky are healed.
    • Very popular with customers! A dish of Yamanoren pride.

      A Yamanoren warmth dish that has been well received by the guests who have stayed.
      A variety of dishes that made full use of the mountains, seafood, nature's blessings.Please enjoy Furusato's hospitality, which you can only taste here.