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  2. Implementation of infection prevention measures

Implementation of infection prevention measures

  • team NAGASAKI SAFETY certified accommodation

    "Team NAGASAKI SAFETY" is a certification system for safety and security that Nagasaki City, Unzen City and Sasebo City work together as a team.
    We will work on safety and security in accordance with the guidelines for preventive measures against new coronaviruses supervised by Nagasaki University.
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      ※If you are visiting us, please wear a mask and cooperate with alcohol disinfection.
      ※We perform timely alcohol disinfection of door knobs, lavatory doors, elevator buttons, and other areas that are frequently touched by customers.
      ※For your health and safety, as well as public health, our staff wear masks.
      ※We would like to ask our guests to cooperate with the temperature measurement to confirm their health condition.
      ※Regarding the health management of employees, we thoroughly measure the temperature and sterilize the fingers before work, and the employees who do not have a fever or are in poor physical condition are waiting at home.
    • Landscape from the view terrace

    • Natural Hot Springs"Kunimi-no-yu"

      The hot springs at this facility are "simple hot springs" (hypotonic weak alkaline low hot springs), which are effective for recovery from fatigue and promotion of health, and are of a gentle spring quality with little irritation.

      From the open-air bath, you can enjoy the lush natural scenery of mountains and terraced rice fields.It is a moment that the evening, the starry sky, and the expression of the sky are healed.
    • Very popular with customers! A dish of Yamanoren pride.

      A Yamanoren warmth dish that has been well received by the guests who have stayed.
      A variety of dishes that made full use of the mountains, seafood, nature's blessings.Please enjoy Furusato's hospitality, which you can only taste here.