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Yuagari Chaya

After relaxing in the bath, relax in a delicious time.

  • Snacks include noodles, soft drinks, soft ice cream, beer and so on.How in time for a bath rise?
  • 【Opening Hours】
    11:00 to 21:00 (Cooking order until 20: 30)
    ※We do not offer alcoholic beverages to the driver at our hotel.

    【now,Shortened business】

    Weekdays :11:00 to 14:30(14:00OS)
    Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays :11:00 to 17:00(16:30 OS)


Goshiki(Goshiki)Udon, 630 yen

  • Yamanoren intention of making a "udon" that the chef at the Yamanoren Yuagari Chaya can only taste in the "Yuagari Chaya", it was completed without allowing any one ingredient to compromise, "Goshiki Udon". The name of udon was named because it colors udon with five ingredients.Noodles used are Goto Udon, special chashued in boiled egg, locally grown vegetables, sesame with sesame seems like this too! It is used as much as it is finished in super luxury udon.Please enjoy yourself when you come to the Yamanoren.

Gyudon set 850 yen

  • Goto Udon is one set of super size with Goto Udon and Beef Cattle.

Pork cutlet on rice(With Miso Soup)800 yen / Katsudon udon set 1,000 yen

  • I cooked a thick cut of eggs with fluffy eggs.

Goto Udon Hell cooked, 510 yen

  • I used Goto Udon noodles in Japan.Chief chef Passionate soup.

Cold tea soba 560 yen

Kids set, 410 yen

  • Children's less than elementary school kids only kids set.

Yuagarichaya menu list (There are also menus not served depending on the time ※)

  • To customers arriving by car

    We do not offer alcoholic beverages to the driver at our hotel.
    When ordering or drinking, please check whether alcoholic beverage, please order and drink.
    Those who drunk, please do not drive your car.
  • ※All amounts are tax included.
    ※Smoking is prohibited in restaurant and lobby.Please use designated smoking place for smoking.