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Restaurant Kunimi

While enjoying beautiful scenery, eat taste of Furusato.

  • 【Opening Hours】
    7: 00-9: 00 (Guests only)

    11: 30 to 14: 30(Orderstop 14: 00)

    18:00 to 20:30(Order stop 20: 00)

    ※The luncheon meal menu is ordered after visiting, and the cuisine cuisine is served until the previous day
    It will be a reservation system.In addition, dinner will be served only for kaiseki cuisine.

Lunch menu(No reservation required)

NEW!  Steamed conger eel 1,700 yen

Steak bowl 1,400 yen

Daily sushi set menu, 1,700 yen

Prefecture-produced cattle netted baked meal, ¥ 1,600

Set meal with red snapper, ¥ 1,600

Tempura set menu, 1,100 yen

Sashimi set meal, ¥ 1,400

Set lunch set, ¥ 1,000

Tea flavored wet rice with sea bream, 950 yen

Children's lunch, 800 yen

Vanilla Icecream / Black sesame ice cream 200 yen each

  • We also have other items such as single item menu.
    The lunch set menu can be used without reservation, so please feel free to use it.

Drink menu

  • After coffee service

    Lunch time every Tuesday and Friday
    After-dinner after-coffee service to those who use the set meal
  • ·Bottled beer, ¥ 650
    ·Sake(180 ml)500 yen
    ·cold sake(Honjin Karakuchi Namachozoushu)900 yen
    ·cold sake(Umegae Namachozoushu)950 yen
    ·Shochu(glass)500 yen, (Bottle)From 2,400 yen
    ·Shochu high, 550 yen, Plum wine 500 yen
    ·Glass of wine(Red·White)550 yen, (Bottle)From 1,800 yen
    ·non-alcoholic beer, 450 yen

    ●Soft drink
    Apple·orange·Cola·Oolong Tea·Calpis(glass)400 yen each

    ※All amounts are tax included.
    ※Smoking is prohibited in restaurant and lobby.Please use designated smoking place for smoking.
  • To customers arriving by car

    We do not offer alcoholic beverages to the driver at our hotel.
    When ordering or drinking, please check whether alcoholic beverage, please order and drink.
    Those who drunk, please do not drive your car.