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Notes on allergies

1. About the request of prior declaration

Customers who are allergic to foodstuffs, etc., please tell the employees in advance when booking and visiting.

2. About the meal provided by the hotel

Meals provided by the hotel are cooked in the same kitchen in all menus.Therefore, allergens are not completely removed, and some of them may remain.Also, for dishes such as spoons and dishes allergens are not completely removed in the washing process and may remain.Therefore, please note that the meal suggested by the hotel is not a completely removed allergen but only a hypoallergenic diet.Diet does not promise that allergy symptoms do not occur.Depending on the degree of symptoms of the customer you use and the physical condition of that day, there is a possibility that even a slight amount of contamination may cause it.

3. Getting Started

Please confirm the above contents and thank you for your understanding by the customer himself that you will receive your final judgment.

Four. About other notes (customer with severe symptoms)

If you are seriously symptomatic, please be sure to contact us in advance, if necessary, by yourself
Please bring meals.We prioritized customer safety, we refused to use
If so, please understand it so thank you for reprinting.

Food Yamanoren

Please enjoy Furusato hospitality that you can taste only with the meal Yamanoren that made full use of nature's blessings.

A dish boasted of Yamanoren, which has received favorable reviews from customers' impressions.
A variety of dishes that made full use of the mountains, seafood, nature's blessings.
Please enjoy Furusato's hospitality, which you can only taste here.
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