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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 【Hot Springs】Sasebo Sechibaru Onsen, Kunimi-no-yu

    Hot springs are also available on day trips.

    ■One-day hot spring business hours 10:30 to 17:30(Last reception 17:00)
    ■Price "bathing chargeContinue reading
  • 【Day Trip】Reservation of private bath

    From day-trip guests such as weekends, in common inquiries
    We have an inquiry about "reservation of private bath"!

    There are 2 private baContinue reading
  • 【Overnight Stay】Children's room rate

    Rates are for adults over junior high school students.
    Children below elementary school charge are as follows.
    (※Children's set meals A andContinue reading
  • 【Overnight Stay】yukata

    Yukata is available for guests staying.
    (※However, there are no yukata or pajamas for children under 3 years old.
      Please prepare.)

    Size tContinue reading
  • 【Parking】Parking

    About 100 car parks are located in front of the facility.

    Guests using guests / day trips
    Please use this.
  • Use of credit card and electronic money

    Although it will be a JCB guide, JCB and VISA·
    AMERICAN EXPRESS, MasterCard... Such
    You can use.
    In addition, ID, nanaco, WAON, PayPay, QUICContinue reading
  • 【Day Trip】Meal

    Kaiseki meals,
    Both lunch and dinner are booked in advance
    We are using from 2 people.

    course 4 course
    "Special Kaisei cuisine", 7,700 yenContinue reading
  • 【Hot Springs】towel

    For guests using the hotel,
    Enjoy bath towels and face towels in your room.
    We are preparing.

    For day trip customers
    There is no towel rentContinue reading
  • 【Hot Springs】Hinoki Bath·Rock bath

    Onsen Grand Baths,
    Depending on odd days and even days
    Men and women are switched (^ ^)/

    Odd days ⇒ men are rock baths, women are Hinoki BaContinue reading
  • 【Overnight Stay·Meal party】About pick-up service

    《We will offer pick-up service from 5 people! 》
    Accommodation · meal (when using Kaiseki cuisine) · Customers using banquets,
    We will offer Continue reading
  • 【Banquet Hall】Opening Hour

    Banquet hall more than 10 people
    It is necessary to book in advance.
    (In the case of day trips, it will be a reservation with a special mealContinue reading
  • 【Overnight Stay】Book corner

    Guest room lobby
    It has become a book corner,
    Please enjoy children's books, manga and novels.
    I'm leaving.

    When you stay
    Please use it.
  • 【Front desk lobby】wheelchair

    We have two wheel chairs available within the facility.

    Customers wishing to stay at the hotel
    Please tell us at the time of reservation.
    (Continue reading
  • 【shop】refined tea, Sechibaru Tea

    Yamanoren, also sell Sechibaru Tea in the shop!
    (Of course the tea for the guest room and the restaurant tea too
     Sechibaru Tea)

    SechibaruContinue reading
  • 【Sightseeing】Ishibashi group of Sechibaru Town

    Here in Sechibaru Town,
    There are currently 17 Ishibashi.

    It is quite difficult to see everything,
    Yamanoren front desk
    Sechibaru IshibashiContinue reading

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


In consideration of the purpose of the revised Health Promotion Law, we have established a smoking room (room) and a smoking area (outdoor).