• "Restaurant Kunimi", coffee Restaurant Kunimi business start from 8/20 (Monday)!

    This time "Restaurant Kunimi", after the end of lunch business from 8/20 (Monday)
    In the time zone from 14:30 to 17:00 (order stop 16:00)
    We will start marketing cafe.

    While watching the scenery, how about drinks and desserts?

    Please feel free to use.
  • "lunch", August, Limited to Weekdays, Monthly change set appeared!

    "Monthly substitute meal" we have received well every month also appeared in August!

    It is 1,500 yen (tax included) and it is a delicious meal with fulfilling content.
    Please eat it happily on this occasion!

    Menu of dishes

    ·Seasonal Eight Dimensions
    ·Two types of raw fish sliced
    ·Yuzu noodle with cream sauce
    ·Savory egg custard
    ·Rice gruel
    ·miso soup

    Lunch Lime
    [Weekdays]11: 30 to 14: 00
    (Order stop 13: 30)
    [Saturday·Sunday Holidays]11: 30 to 14: 30
    (Orderstop 14: 00)
    Other, the standard lunch menu is also popular.
    You can use it even without reservation, please feel free to use!
  • "Banquet", Information on the Day-out Freshness Annual Meeting plan

    December 1, Heisei 30(soil)~ January 31, Heisei 31(wood)※Remove it from 12/30 to 1/3

    ·Saved - 6,800 yen plan (2 hours drinking with unlimited access and tax included)
     Cuisine: Yamanoren Kaiseki

    ·Saved - 5,200 yen plan (2 hours drinking with unlimited visits, tax included)
     Cuisine: Kunimi Course

    ※All you can drink in these two course will be (bottled beer, shochu, sake, oolong tea).
    ※Use of hot springs · Shuttle bus · Venue usage fee etc is service.
    ※For reservations, daytime banquet is available from just six months prior to the date, and banquet for the evening from 4 months in advance. Please consider the feast at the hotel at this time of the year.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.