Information on business hours

■Opening Hours

Day trip hot spring 10:30 to 17:30(Last reception 17:00)
Yuagarichaya 11:00 to 17:00(Final reception 16:30)
Restaurant Kunimi 11:30 to 14:30(OS14: 00)

※The shuttle bus will be suspended for the time being.
※The sauna will be closed for the time being.

About measures against new coronavirus infection

  • ※If you are visiting us, please wear a mask and cooperate with alcohol disinfection.

    ※We perform timely alcohol disinfection of door knobs, lavatory doors, elevator buttons, and other areas that are frequently touched by customers.
    ※For your health and safety, as well as public health, our staff wear masks.
    ※We would like to ask our guests to cooperate with the temperature measurement to confirm their health condition.
    ※Regarding the health management of employees, we thoroughly measure the temperature and sterilize the fingers before work, and the employees who do not have a fever or are in poor physical condition are waiting at home.
  • Reservation destination "Jalan net" 

    According to the GoTo Travel Business Guidelines, when an accommodation facility sells accommodation products directly to travelers without going through a travel agency, "a mechanism is built to ensure that accommodation records are stored and stored externally through the accommodation facility reservation system. That is, an appropriate system of executive management is secured”.

    This facility does not have a mechanism to store and store reservation records received over the telephone externally, and reservations from the official website are currently under internal management, so it does not conform to the guidelines of the GoTo travel business. Therefore, reservations cannot be made by phone or via the official website.Please understand.
  • Limited to September☆"Senior 120 plan" [Dinner course popularity No. 1, Yamanoren Kaiseki plan】

    ☆For customers whose total age is 120 or more!
     Please use for couples and parents and children(^ ^)

     In addition, if the total of the oldest two in the group is "120" or more,
     Companions can use the same rate.

    ☆As it is limited to three rooms a day, it is early☆

    ·Weekdays only from September 1 (Tuesday) to September 30 (Wednesday) in Reiwa 2 

    Yamanenren Yamanoren Kaiseki 13,900 yen → 11,000 yen(Consumption tax, hot spring tax included)

    Yamanoren Kaiseki
    ※Nagasaki Wagyu is a popular No, 1 banquet dinner with the name of this facility, such as Nagasaki Wagyu and seasonal sashimi.

    We look forward to your reservation!


  • Limited to October☆One drink included! Autumn harvest plan

    Holiday season! This fall is decided by Yamanoren!

    It is an advantageous plan with one drink service.

    Book early as there are only 3 groups per weekday!

    <Period>From 1st October (Thursday) to 30th October (Friday)
        ※Saturdays and days before public holidays are excluded

    <Charge> "Yamanoren Kaiseki" 11,500 yen(Consumption tax, hot spring tax included)
         "Kunimi Kaiseki" 10,500 yen(Consumption tax, hot spring tax included)

    <Rooms>Western-style room → 2 to 3 people
           (※Extra bed for 3 people)
         Japanese room → 2 to 5 people
            (※It is 18 square meters of tatami.)

    <Special Advantages>One drink service at dinner

    Please use this opportunity!
  • Limited to November☆Autumn cherry blossom (Cosmos) plan

    Come to the Yamanoren
    While taking a walk ...
    While watching the scenery from inside the facility ...
    Have a nice autumn!

     November 1st (Sunday) to November 30th, 2019(Monday)
     (Saturday, the day before holidays is excluded. Limited to 3 Rooms per Day)

    <Charge> "Yamanoren Kaiseki" 11,500 yen(Consumption tax, hot spring tax included)
         "Kunimi Kaiseki" 10,500 yen(Consumption tax, hot spring tax included)

     Western-style room → 2 to 3 people
         (※ Extra bed for 3 people)
     Japanese-style room → 2 to 5 people
         (※ Because of the size of 18 square meters, Maximum 5 people)

    Autumn vacation season! We look forward to your visit!

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


In consideration of the purpose of the revised Health Promotion Law, we have established a smoking room (room) and a smoking area (outdoor).