End of Year/Beginning of Year, Information on day-trip hot spring business hours

December 28, Heisei 30(Money)~ January 3, Heisei 31(wood)

10: 30 to 17: 30(Last reception 17:00)

.Please note.

Recommended information

  • Nagasaki·Saga Limited, Prefectural people plan!

    December 2, Heisei 30(Day)~ February 28, Heisei 31(wood), ※Saturday · Holiday the day before a public holiday · Special holiday

    To everyone in Nagasaki and Saga prefecture, thank you for your regular patronage,
    We have prepared a very profitable plan!

    Yamanoren Kaiseki, Overnight dinner & breakfast included ¥ 10,000(consumption tax·Hot spring tax included)

    ·Limited to 5 rooms per day, (accepted from 2 Western-style rooms and 3 Japanese-style rooms)

    Please apply from telephone or viewing HP☆
    I am waiting for the coming of everyone from the bottom of my heart!


  • "lunch", December, Limited to Weekdays, Monthly change set appeared!

    "Monthly substitute meal" which is popular every month has appeared in December!

    It is 1,500 yen (tax included) and it is a delicious meal with fulfilling content.
    Please eat it happily on this occasion!

    Menu of dishes

    ·Two types of raw fish sliced
    ·Bovine muscle taste
    ·Grilled local dish of Yaan Miso
    ·Savory egg custard
    ·Cooked rice
    ·miso soup

    【Lunch Lime】
    11: 30 to 14: 30(Orderstop 14: 00)
    Other, the standard lunch menu is also popular.
    You can use it even without reservation, please feel free to use!
  • 【Day Trip·Overnight Stay】From December, New meeting cuisine, "Special Kaisei cuisine", Information on

    It is a cuisine cuisine prepared with luxurious use of ingredients carefully selected by the chief chef of this facility
    Please enjoy the taste of the season

    Day Trip, ¥ 7,560 (tax included)
    Overnight Stay, From 15,270 yen (Hot spring tax included)

    ※The photograph is an image

    Gift certificate

     Appetizer, Seasonal appetizer
     Building, Four types
    Steamed food, Steamed local fish pine mushrooms
     Simmered dishes, Cloud ballad tightening bolting
    pottery, Yuzu Rice Yuzu Cream Barbecue (Kujuku Islands oyster)
    interchangeable bowl, Nagasaki Wagyu loose roast lava roast
    Tome-wan soup, Flying fish juice
     Meals, Snow crab crab meal
    Pickled Vegetables, Tokozuke Pickles vegetables on the Tokozuke Pickles
    Dessert, Strawberry Soymilk Mousse

    ※The meal mainly uses local things, but the material changes depending on the weather of the day.

    Please eat it happily!
  • "Lodging", Information on price revisions

    This time, we decided to revise the breakfast charge from February 1, 2011.

    We will continue to improve our cooking content and further improve service so that we can satisfy everyone in the future.We hope that you will understand.

    From February 1, 2019,※consumption tax·Hot spring tax included, Room price of 2 people or more per room

    Special Kaiseki, 15,270 yen → 15,810 yen
    Yamanoren Kaiseki, 13,110 yen → 13,650 yen
    Kunimi Course, 11,490 yen → 12,030 yen
    Nagomi course, 10,680 yen → 11,220 yen

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